Gavel Plaque and Gavels


Fireman hat with gavel  

Fireman plaque with gavel

For the President - Presidential Gavel

Gavel embellished with engravable brass band. Available in three types of wood and two sizes: men's (10") and women's (8").

  Item # Description Size Price
A HMG50 Solid walnut men's gavel 10" 28.00
B HMG52 Solid rosewood men's gavel 10" 55.00
C HMG51 Walnut finish men's gavel 10" 24.00
E HFG55 Solid walnut women's gavel (not shown) 8" 23.00
F HFG54 Solid rosewood women's gavel (not shown) 8" 50.00
G HFG56 Walnut finish women's gavel (not shown) 8" 20.00

For the outgoing President - Gavel Plaque

D HW41 Walnut gavel mounted on walnut board with your choice of logo. Logo included. 15"x11" 68.00